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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                333

read it had he known what it was—that he would
write home to be relieved from his commission.
To this Fullarton said, " Do as you please."

If this brings an old house upon Picton's
head, it is his own doing, and he may repent
not following my advice. When he received Lord
Hobart's official letter, stating his appointment, he
showed it to me. I said that, were I Alexander,
I would write to His Majesty that I was bred a
soldier, had accepted the command of a conquered
country, which I had governed a la militawe for
five years; that I knew nothing of civil affairs,
therefore was a very improper man to act a
secondary part, and begged leave to resign the
commission. This would satisfy his enemies, and
for ever lay all quarrels to sleep, and he would
have a riband or a regiment.

He acknowledged that I was right, but he had
private reasons for "seeing them out," as they call
it. I wish he may not say, " O, Cassandra! "

March 3isŁ, 1803,1

Our tour is put off, if not entirely, at least
for   some  time,   as  things  are  very   serious,   and

i Mr. Swinburne died on the ist of April.